2/6/2001:This is my first try at HTML, so be patient, I will keep working on this page and eventually I should have something that works, for now, just wait and see what becomes of this page.
2/7/2001:Gettting there i think, most of the sections are getting populated, and should be done within a week or so.
2/8/2001:I think this page is almost where I want it to be, I should have the pictures section up by tomorrow and that should be about it, at least for now.
11/6/2002:Well, I finally got around to pretending to know anything about computers and the internet and I figured I would update this page also. But since I don't know anything, I just added some links to pictures and a few webpages of other people that think they know stuff about networking.
11/12/2002:Ok, A real update this time around. I've really updated the pictures area, and i'm working on other areas of the site. nothing much, but just some work.
6/7/2003:Finally got around to doing some work on this page. The picture section has been updated. Enjoy

There will be more stuff added here as time goes by, for now, enjoy!